A Social Discovery Platform


DIDIT is like Yelp, but from the people whose opinions you trust. You can follow other users (whether it’s a friend, a website like Eater, a magazine like Conde Nast Traveler, or a company like Playboy) and refer to lists they’ve curated.

The goal: create a social discovery platform so that whether you're looking for a great experience around the corner or around the world, you'll get there with DIDiT.

My role as product designer consisted of identifying, investigating and validating the problem, and ultimately crafting, designing, testing and shipping the solution. I joined the team as a full-time product designer about 4 months after the company was founded. I worked closely with a small team of engineers, product & content to lead the UI/UX of the mobile and web app.


The Problem

Finding great recommendations is not a problem, but remembering and using them is. As an early member of the team, I took part in field research, user research and focus groups in order to define product and design requirements. The common insights that arose during our research:

  • People have metaphorical lists of things they want to do - 'I've been dying go there - it's on my list!"
  • People have a hard time remembering why they want to do something - 'I heard it's amazing - I saw it on some blog that said they have the best pizza.'
  • People are highly influenced by where their friends.
  • People found rich image and video content to be very useful when making their decisions.
  • Most people do research on their phones during their downtime on the subway or bus to/from work.

The Solution


DIDiT is the discovery platform for the best places in the world according to the experts and friends you trust.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure across the country or new coffee place around the corner, DIDiT gets you there. With DIDiT, you can save places and lists you love or want to try and follow your friends to see their recommendations.



From Refinery29 to Thrillist to TimeOut - we consume listicles on a daily basis. DIDiT provides contextual discovery based off of expert listicles.

From a UI perspective, we learned early on that users demanded media, so an image was an absolute must-have. From a UX perspective, the content can easily be overwhelming - we sought out to make the consumption of these listicles as enjoyable as possible. Through user testing we landed on a carousel of the places in each list - providing just enough information to be useful, and just enough interaction to be entertaining.

My Profile



Our goal was to make it as easy as possible to save the things you want to do.

The natural solution was to allow users to create their own lists and save places from to these lists.

Web Experience


The branding had already established a strong visual style which gave me a pretty good idea of what the website would look like. In addition to the mobile app, we needed to create a landing page for marketing purposes. We used this as a base to send users to from facebook ads, etc. We then customized the template of this based on the content of the ad.