The Company


Cyc Fitness offers a series of exhilarating, beat-based rides that activate the whole body, the whole time. They seek to connect people inside and outside the studios - making exercising a more social experience.

CYC Bikes
CYC Fitness Email Blast Template

My Role


In 2014, I came on board to revamp their weekly email blast. Initially, the emails consisted of plaintext with links to the upcoming classes. Their goal was to increase class bookings and they wanted to bring their email design to life.

Using their existing platform, Mailchimp, I set them up with a couple of templates to choose from. The first improvement was adding a hero image with a BIG call-to-action. Fortunately CYC has an awesome bank of imagery to pull, which really added tremendous value. We added a grid below the hero that allowed them to link off to their blog, and other "hidden" features on their website, such as gift cards, etc. With this template, click rate increased 200% and online bookings from their weekly emails also increased 150%.

Market Launch


In 2013, I designed and executed launch campaign assets for their marketing team. The company was launching in new college markets such as UT-Austin and Wisconsin-Madison and were looking for some fun marketing material to appeal to their young target audience. I provided the team with bookmark designs, tote bags, t-shirts, mailers that read "friends don't let friends gain the freshman 15," banners and flyers.

In addition, they needed digital assets for their digital marketing campaign - which included everything from web banners, email designs, social media posts and blog graphics.

CYC Fitness Tote Bag Design
CYC Bookmarks
CYC Fitness Banner Design