The Company


Carlo's Bakery grew to fame from the hit TLC show Cake Boss starring Buddy Valastro. Since the success of the hit show, the company has expanded to over 15 bakeries nationwide. This mom-and-pop shop was overwhelmed by the rapid expansion, and I was along for the ride!

My Role


The Carlo's team brought in an IT team to create a foundation and architecture for their POS, web strategy and CRM. Given the enormity of that task, and the importance of creating internal structure, the web strategy took a back seat.

I was brought in shortly after the IT team with my core focus around the web experience. With minimal experience and a huge opportunity, I was excited, eager and a little bit in over my head to be in charge of the e-commerce website.

The growing company was looking for someone to manage their ecommerce website on the Magento platform, redo the cake gallery, and make intelligent changes (and have the data to support the proposed changes). The team placed a lot of trust in me to own the web experience and implement googles analytics in order to understand user behavior and enhance the user experience. My role as web strategist consisted of setting up a website structure, site map and ecommerce catalog.

Carlo's Site Map

Cake Gallery


One of the first changes I implemented was an updated cake gallery. Originally, the cake gallery was a carousel of images that you'd click through. After seeing a low time on the page and having a frustrated customer service team, I reformatted the layout of the cake gallery to be a bit more "pinterest-y."

In order to do so, we needed to clean up the images and reshoot a lot of cakes - but the effort was worth it. The time spent on each cake gallery increased by nearly 50%, and customers could easily locate images of the cake design they desired. All in all, the cake gallery was a success!

Carlo's Bakery

Location Pages


The next challenge was adding more detail about each bakery - and having dedicated "location pages" for each storefront. Before we knew it, we were at 10+ bakeries so this quickly became a big painpoint for our CSRs.

I added a dedicated "Location" section to the navigation, and created location pages for each bakery. After talking with the team, the priorities were: the bakery menu, FAQ, map, address, email address, phone number and hours. Our customer service reps received significantly less calls and the stores received more calls that converted into business.

The vision for these pages were to have a social media stream from that location, a "meet the manager" section, and more features to get to know the bakery. But unfortunately priorities are priorities and I was onto the next project.

Carlo's Bakery

Email Marketing


Along with the website, I was in charge of sending out bi-weekly emails to our database of over 500k customers segmented by preferred bakery, ecommerce purchases, etc.

Ecommerce Email
Holiday Email

Marketing Material


I worked closely with the store managers to provide them with marketing material and any print material they needed. This includes holiday menus, standard menus, promotional material and posters.

Carlo's Bakery Menu
Carlo's Bakery Corporate
Cake Consultation Brochure