The Company


Buddy V’s Events & Catering specializes in catering as well as event planning. The company was created by the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, as an extension of Carlo's Bakery.

Buddy V's

My Role


In 2014 Buddy brought me in to provide the branding for his new catering company. The goal: get it up and going as quickly as possible! I worked closely with his team to get some inspiration and ideas together. Within a week, the brand was a reality!

I provided the branding, web design as well as all print marketing materials for the growing company. We carefully selected PMS 200 to serve as the brand’s primary color in order to maintain a sense of consistency with Carlo’s Bakery (201C).

Buddy V's Branding

Marketing Material


Because Buddy Valastro founded the company, we had a unique opportunity to target his existing clientele by creating a variety of marketing print material. This material provided the cake consultants & store managers at Carlo’s Bakery with a better understanding of Valastro’s new services.

Buddy V's Flyer
Buddy V's Event Packages Services Flyer
Buddy V's Consulting Services Marketing Flyer

Informational Website


In order for the Buddy V's team to have easy control and access to the website, I opted to set it up on the Squarespace platform. The website was purely for marketing purposes, so integrations weren't going to be a problem.

The goal for the website was to immediately recognize it as a Buddy Valastro company. For that reason, his face serves as the hero image on the landing page. The rest of the content on the site was relatively straightforward; the importance continued to be to tie the Buddy V’s name to the Carlo’s brand. To do this, I added links to the Carlo’s website, as well as promoted Buddy V’s on the Carlo’s Bakery home page.

Buddy V's Website
Buddy V's Website
Buddy V's Website
Buddy V's Website